Lunch with the family

Today on our way to Göteborg, the 2nd largest city in Sweden, We stopped by to Hede Factory Outlet at Kungsbacka to look around. We found this new restaurant, Diné Burger. The place is very cozy, with rustic furniture make the place very cozy and not boring at all. The burger here was homemade, even the buns was also homebaked.

The price wasn’t to pricey at all, 140SEK for a home made burger including fries and sauce, then 20SEK for Sodas or Water. The burger was served with potatoes and sweet potatoes fries with mayo sauce! I did not have any complain or critics for this restaurant at all, I am very satisfied and definitely will come again next time .. so if you are in Hede Outlet, you must try this lovely restaurant for sure !

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