Musselbaren – Lysekil

Lysekil is located in the middle of the West Sweden archipelago, about 90 minutes from Gothenburg. Stångehuvud is a beautiful, rugged rocky area just west of the town which has a breathtaking view toward the sea, and in Lysekil itself there are many areas of beautiful architecture.

For our lunch we found this fantastic restaurant at an old terrace of Hotel Lysekil with a nice sea view over Smögen Bridge – Musselbaren. They served mostly Blue Mussels which is they are speciality. They do have fish dishes and this one is really interesting because the what they served depends on what the local fisherman caught for the day! Today we got Hake for John’s fish and chips and mine was cooked with Saffrons and Pernod beer. The food are just awesome, the price is a bit pricey but it’s worthy! I will definitely come back to the place 😍

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