Ombrelli – Jönköping

Jönköping is a city in southern Sweden with 93,797 inhabitants (2015). Jönköping is situated at the southern end of Sweden’s second largest lake, Vättern, in the province of Småland.

Ombrelli Italian Street Kitchen – a very nice Italian restaurant by the pier in the heart of Jönköping City. The place is just awesome! I love the interior design with lots of umbrellas above the ceiling. The food was delicious, I love the pizza thou.. The pasta was also nice, the chips for the burger need to be fried a little bit more, it wasn’t crispy enough for my taste. I drank Antica Osteria Vinno Rosso which is a bit sweet, tasted of cherries and berries plus a little bit of almond. I love sweet wine btw 🤭 Well, please come here if you are in Jönköping. Enjoy! @ Ombrelli

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