Papa Piada Ödakra

What a wonderful Saturday evening with my family ❤️ Started with Papa Piada, a nice Italian restaurant located in an old alcohol factory in Ödakra outside Helsingborg which is took us around 40minutes drive.

We had a very unique piada in a thin flat bread delicious gnocchi sallad. It’s really worth to drive here. I definately recommend this place to all of you. Thank you @tobias_sandberg_82 and @sanelasandberg for recommended us for this awesome place! This beautiful evening ended up at Båstad Hamn for icecream and churros of course ❤️ @ Papa Piada

PIADA, what is it really?

Piadina, also called piada, is an Italian flatbread originating from the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. The origin of this bread dates back to the 15th century and today it is the region’s most popular bread. The bread has been pre-baked and heated to then be traditionally filled with cream cheese, salami or air-dried ham (prosciutto) We at Papa piada fill it with both the traditional flavors but also with a new way of thinking and with a lot of love! We have several variants, both favorites and guest players.

Piada is fresh, very tasty and something other than what we might usually eat. We say “More piada for the people!”

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