Sarek Bread Sandwiches

When you are lazy to cook.. these thin bread (sarek) is perfect for your sandwiches. You can fill it with Rucola inside it too

When I worked at the daycare, I used to served these as their afternoon snack on Fridays after their lunch. Friday we served always soup that is why the kids need to have heavier snack after lunch, either these sandwiches or pancakes đŸ˜Š

Sarek is the original – authentic northern flatbread. It is soft and smooth, smells freshly baked and has a discreet taste of rye that brings out the finest shades in favorite toppings and fillings. Great for making rolls, cuts and wraps.

Sarek is situated in the Jokkmokk Municipality, Norrbotten County, Sweden, north of the Arctic Circle, 50 km (31.07 mi) from the Norwegian border.

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