Tylöhus Restaurant Halmstad

What a wonderful evening with my girls ❤️ The girls had a spa day at @hoteltylosand and I came and joined them for dinner at Tylöhus Restaurant. We started with drinks in their suite room then we had dinner at 19. 30. The restaurant was gorgeous with the view from Tylösand’s beach. Let’s start with the menu. We had three course meal and the starter for me was Carpaccio on three types of beet with maches salad, roasted pine nuts, honey-sweetened mayonnaise and fried savoy cabbage chips. This was a good start, i really love the honey sweetened mayonnaise sauce! My friend had Yuza pickled salmon with wakame, carrot salad, misodip, roasted peanuts, radish and sesame flakes. It was also very good 🤭
The main dish we all had the same, Grilled long back fish with roasted lace bowl, baked carrots, romanesco, dashi broth and green onions. I like the dashi broth which is kinda of give a little click for the fish and the other ingredients. Then we ordered Fresh oyster from the other restaurant @bettansbar and it light up our evening before we closing it up with the dessert. We chose Mango and pineapple soup with chocolate popcorn, blondie croutons, cream cheese with white chocolate, lime and mint reduction. The Boiled apple with cardamom, oatmeal, cream cheese ice cream, salted caramel sauce and chervil. The cream cheese ice cream was so good and even I have had my Mango Pinapple soup, I still can eat the boiled apple too.. The dessert was amazing and delicious, I love it! We really enjoy our dinner and the atmosphere of the restaurant was awesome, the waitress was very nice and helpful too. So I can really recommend the restaurant for you who will have nice dining here in Halmstad ❤️ @ Resturang Tylöhus. Thank you ladies for this wonderful evening.. see you soon again 😘

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