Nu dricker vi glögg vid första Advent!

Glögg is a spiced, usually alcoholic, mulled wine or spirit. It is a traditional Scandinavian drink during winter, especially around Christmas.

Glögg recipes vary widely; variations commonly start with white or sweet wine or spirits such as brandy or cognac. The production of glögg begins by boiling water and adding spices to it. After a few minutes of simmering, the mixture is sieved and fruit juice, wine or clear spirits are added. The most common spices in glögg are cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Other common ingredients can include citrus peel from oranges or lemons, raisins or almonds.
Glögg can also be made without alcohol by replacing the wine with fruit or berry juices. In shops ready-made glögg is usually based on grape juice, sometimes also blackcurrant juice, mixed fruit juice, apple juice or wine. There are also stronger, rum-based types of glögg. Ready-made glögg from shops is warmed up before use, but if it is wine-based or high in alcohol content, it should not be heated to boiling point. It is common to add whole almonds or raisins to glögg while it is being warmed up or just before drinking.

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