Poké Bowl with Chicken Teriyaki

Poké Bowl with Chicken Teriyaki, Mango, Edamame, Carrots and Pomegranate for dinner 😍

If you’re not quite sure what a poke bowl is, at its simplest definition it’s diced raw fish. Poke means to slice or cut, so that’s why almost all poke bowl recipes you see call for diced fish.  

A lot of times, poke is served simply as an appetizer with just the fish itself, but here we’ve turned it into an entire meal with the addition of rice and vegetables. In this bowl I am using minced chicken instead whole meat 😊

The recipe for the CHICKEN & TERIYAKI SAUCE

Once you have made the chicken, you can start do the platting in your bowl. You can add anything you like. Here I put Mango, Edamame, Carrots and Pomegranate. You also change the chicken using Beef or Salmon or Shrimp.

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