Hey Bae Strawberry Daiquiri

Ok, are you ready for the review? This is what I think about this hey bae drink. I saw @maddesand78 posted this drink but with the other taste which is pineapple. She told me it was a good one, then I decided to find it but I couldn’t found the pineapple but I found this one instead.

This Strawberry Daiquri drink definately will be my summer drink for this year! It is a fruity and sweet cocktail with a slightly sour taste and distinct character of ripe strawberries, hints of lime and vanilla with a touch of rum. It is ready to drink it straight from the bottle with some crushed iced 😍 You can also add some sprite or Cava and a little bit of lime it would sting up the taste! Definately straight to my favorite list for Summer 2021 ❤️ Thank you Madeleine Sandberg for the tips 👌

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