Wärdhuset Tullen – Göteborg

We found this restaurant in Avenyn – Göteborg “Wärdhuset Tullen”.

The place was very nice and cozy, it is a good place if you want to do a spontan hang out with your buddies while you are in town!

The food, wine and dessert was very nice and not that pricey. For a place at Avenyn this place was quite cheap 

Avenyn (English: The Avenue; formally Kungsportsavenyen, (en. “Kingsgate Avenue”)) is the main boulevard of Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed in the mid 19th century as the first middle-class residential district outside the bastions of the fortified heart of the city, the design of Avenyn was inspired by established formal European streets like the Champs-Élysées in Paris and the Ringstraße in Vienna.

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